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Top 5 Reasons to Go Solar with PA Michael

1. Experience and Service

Founded in 1995, all of our electrical and solar installations have been meticulous in detail with long lasting results. We manage every installation aspect, from design, permits, installation, inspections, rebates, and financing.

2. Maximum Reliability, Value and Efficiency

All of our systems are built to last. Our systems are designed and installed to last 30+ years or more. Add this to the outstanding quality of the equipment we specify and you have a top performance and exceptionally designed Solar Electric System. All equipment we use is MADE IN THE USA.

3. Lower Electric Bills

As soon as your system is activated you will instantly reduce monthly electrical costs. Feed surplus electric back to the electric utility for daily credits that reduce future electric bills.

4. Protect the Environment and the Economy

By providing homeowners and businesses with affordable solar electric, powering with clean, renewable solar energy helps eliminate CO2 emissions. The system will help preserve the future by reducing the depletion of our planet’s finite natural resources and reduce our dependence on non- renewable foreign fuel.

5. A System that Pays for Itself

As an investment with instantaneous dividends that will last 30+ years and can pay for itself in as little as five years, with Federal programs to reduce installation costs by 30% along with State and Utility programs, housing experts estimate that every utility dollar saved adds $21 to a home’s market value.